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It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner aspiring shredder or just want to play for fun, I can help you reach any goal you desire. All lessons are based on each student’s individual needs. I like to teach what I call musicianship; musicianship consists of music theory and technique. Theory teaches you the understanding of how chords, scales, melody and harmony work and technique gives you the physical ability to take the music in your creative mind to your instrument. You could be a musical genius but if you don’t have the physical ability to unlock it no one will ever know.

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Here’s what you need for Skype lessons:
High speed internet connection, Webcam, Microphone, Skype, and Paypal.

Lessons Offered

Beginning Guitar

Beginning guitar lessons is perfect for guitarists as well as players who want to enhance their knowledge. Includes theory, left hand techniques, improvising with pentatonic scales, learning techniques bending, vibrato, hammer-ons and pull offs. Power chords, open position chords and rhythm guitar. Includes licks in the style of the greats and more. The most thorough course for beginning guitarists.


Intermediate Guitar

Intermediate guitar lessons are great for the guitarist who already know their basics and are ready to take the next step. Everything from harmonization to triads, advanced chord voicing’s and improvising with the modes. Learning about intervals and how to apply rhythm guitar and advancing techniques like tapping string skipping and sweep picking. This class starts with a quick review of the basics.

Advanced to Pro Guitar

Advanced to Pro guitar lessons this class includes everything from major scales, harmonic minor, melodic minor advanced pentatonics extended chords and arpeggios advanced rhythm guitar and time signatures phrasing how to build solos. Also includes technique –expanding exercises for legato, alternate picking, sweep picking, hybrid picking, string skipping, tapping with multiple fingers and advanced scales such as diminished and whole tone. Everything is taught with theoretical and improvisational applications.


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