Cooley was unsatisfied with local musicians and began to work on solo music in early 1996. He began playing seven-string guitars exclusively at this time.

His debut solo album was the self-titled Rusty Cooley, released in 2003 by Lion Music. It consists of 12 tracks, one of which, “Under the Influence”, was released as a video as well. The album featured Cooley on guitar, Brent Marches on bass, Eric Sands on fretless bass, and Bobby Williamson on keyboards. Music was by Cooley, Marches, and Kelly Carpenter; Carpenter also wrote the lyrics for, and handled the vocals on, the vocal versions of “Dominion” and “The Machine”. Programming was done by Cooley and Williamson, while guitar engineering was done by Sands. Cooley also was in charge of production.[6][7]


Outworld was a progressive metal band that was formed in 1997 by guitarist Rusty Cooley. Their name is allegedly taken from the fictional Outworld realm of the Mortal Kombat video games.

The original line-up of the band was keyboardist Bobby Williamson, guitarist Rusty Cooley, drummer Darren Davis and bassist Brent Marches. They set out to make instrumental music but soon after decided they wanted to also have vocals and added Kelly Sundown Carpenter.[1]

They worked on two bonus tracks for Rusty Cooley’s solo instrumental album (eventually released in 2003). Cooley departed Outworld in 2001 to pursue interests in Atlanta. However, in 2003 Cooley found himself back in both Houston and the band. Outworld signed a management deal with Danish-based Intromental in mid-2003. In 2004 Outworld added Shawn Kascak as bassist and Matt Smith as drummer, replacing Dubose and Davis. Kelly Sundown Carpenter decided to join Danish metal band Beyond Twilight in late 2004 but remained with Outworld until they added Carlos Zema as singer in fall 2006.

In December 2004, Outworld signed with Replica Records and recorded their first album, which was released November 13, 2006.[2]

In August 2007, Outworld won the Famecast Fenom Contest in the Metal category, having been voted No. 1 in all six rounds of voting.[3]

On March 12, 2008, The band announced founding member and keyboardist Bobby Williamson and vocalist Carlos Zema were leaving the band. They will be searching for a new singer as well as a second guitarist (instead of a keyboardist) for a heavier sound on the new record.

On March 24, 2009, Rusty Cooley announced that Outworld had disbanded, with members going on to other projects.

On March 26, 2013, the self-titled Outworld debut was re-issued in CD format via Rebel Tide Entertainment – this time including bonus track “Polar”.

Day of Reckoning was formed in 2010 by Rusty Cooley and Matt Smith (Outworld). After extensive auditions Sherman Clark (bass), Brad Lambert (vocals), and Matt Hough (guitar) completed the line up. Day of Reckoning combines modern heavy metal compositions with virtuosic musicianship.

The musical concept behind BOOK OF REFLECTIONS is to mix power metal and classic hard rock with progressive elements and present the result in a fresh package where the songs alway comes first.Highly recommended for progressive metal fans who don’t mind a dash of power added to the mix.


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rusty cooley discography
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Ocellus Lucanus - Drowning in the Ionian Sea
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