Rusty Cooley’s Lickopedia DVD Set


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Signed disks by Rusty!

Throughout this course Rusty will taking you through over 50 key licks and concepts that have made him one of today’s most well-known shredders. Along the way you’ll cover advanced concepts like building and executing arpeggio sequences, t2 and t3 tapping runs, string-skipping legato, two string sweeping, and pedal tones. Rusty will also discuss key ideas like exploring the diminished scale, the phrygian dominant mode and how to take stock rock licks and turn them into something shred-worthy. Make sure you have your metronome ready because although some of these licks reach breackneck speed, it is important to practice them at a slow tempo first and gradually build your way up. Now open your lickopedia to page one, and let it rip!


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