Solo Albums

Day of Reckoning

Left To Follow (Single)



Outworld 2004 Demo EP

Outworld 2008 Promo EP



Guest Appearances

After The Burial- In Dreams

Derek Sherinian- Molecular Heinosity

All Shall Perish- Awaken The Dreamers

Austrian Death Machine- Double Brutal

Falling In Reverse- Fashionably Late

Michael Angelo Batio- Intermezzo

Book of Reflections

Rogosonice- Leave The World Alone

Sean Baker- Baker’s Dozen

Austrian Death Machine- Tripple Brutal

Rings of Saturn- Lugal Ki En

Michael Angelo Batio – Shred Force 1

Ghost Ship Octavius

Alustrium – A Tunnel To Eden

George Kollias – Invictus

Black 13 – Pieces

Julian Lehman

Tributes & Compilations

Ballone- StrikeTwo

Cross the Miles- The Generation Ibanez Project

Guitar 2001- Lick This

Guitarapalooza- Vol.1

ProgPower USA III

ProgPower USA IV

ProgPower USA VI

Shawn Lane Remembered- Vol.1

The Alchemists- 27 Tracks of Total Guitar Wizardry

Warmth In the Wilderness Vol.2 – A Tribute To Jason Becker

The Kill- Metal Music Compilation Volume II