A Whole Bunch of News!

Signature Gear

Dean RC6 Xenocide

Rusty’s first Dean signature 6 string: Dean RC6

Spectraflex Xenocide Cable

Dean - Skullz

Rusty’s newest signature 7 string Dean: Skullz

SIT Rusty Cooley Signature Strings


Randall 667

Rusty is now exclusively endorsed by Randall Amplification. He is playing the 667 model. “This amp is a monster.”

Album Features

Ghost Ship Octavius


Michael Angelo Batio - Shred Force 1

“8 Pillars of Steel”

Shred Album of the Year - Guitar World

Rusty was featured on both Michael Angelo Batio’s “Intermizzo” and Rings of Saturn’s “Lugai Ki En.” Both albums were nominated for Best Shred Album by Guitar World Magazine.